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grow more with less

We work with growers across multiple indoor applications, including vertical farming, glasshouses, and medicinal plants, to deliver the right solution using our lighting, science, and technology products. ​

Light Science Technologies provides a fully integrated technology solution for all Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) applications helping customers grow more with less.

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How our approach sets us apart

We design the right recipe

Using our lab and industry experts, we help create the right recipe to work in your environment.


Deliver for scale ​and sustainability​

We provide the scale needed to commercialise the right recipe using our in-house ​manufacturing expertise and interchangeable modular design.


Perform now and ​over the next 25 year

Our patent-pending sustainable luminaire body combined with the interchangeable ​LEDs, power, and technology helps reduce costs and generate maximum yields over 25 years.


How we can help you grow more with less


Research driven for accelerated plant production

Staying on top of different processes can be daunting in Controlled Environment Agriculture, but our technology is here to make growers’ lives a whole lot easier. Discover the benefits of quickly and efficiently taking control of your production with Light Science Technologies.


We work with you to create the perfect growing recipe with fully updateable, bespoke, and intelligent lighting solutions. ​

We combine all this to help you to grow the optimal yield and reduce CAPEX and OPEX cost.​ 


We work in partnership with you and industry experts to test new crops in our controlled environment lab.​

We work with you to use historical and real-time data to help you make future decisions to increase your yield.


Light Science Technologies is developing research-proven plant monitoring technology and software in partnership with world-leading university research teams.


This will provide real time monitoring and control, linking technicians, farmers, and facility managers with their crops to provide instant production enhancement data. 


Our partners


The Light Science Technology Team

Simon Deacon 
Chief Executive Officer

Jim Snooks
Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Hempsall
Chief Operating Officer

Amanda Bushell 

Head of HR / Executive PA 

Daryl Hollands

Group Management Accountant

Craig Price 

Operations Director


John Matcham
Technical Director

Lucy Clarke

Product Design Engineer

Sandra Paimbrekyte 

Special Projects Coordinator

Andy Williams

Marketing Director

Alice Brothill

Marketing Communications Manager

Linzi Doleman 

Internal Sales Executive

Light Science Technologies works across multiple indoor applications including vertical farming, glasshouses and medicinal plants, delivering the right solution no matter what environment.


We use our lighting, science and technology to help you grow more with less. 

Vertical Farm working UK - LightScienceT

How we created a bespoke vertical farm solution - saving £180K over 4 years

The brief

Light Science Technologies was approached to work collaboratively with our client to develop a Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) tiered vertical farming as they had been unable to with other suppliers of standard products.


Our approach

From the outset, our technical team operated with a 'build from the ground up' approach. We carefully selected our preferred LED partner, validated the design and data, mapped out the LED spacing, and completed the complete electronic design before manufacture.

Key stats

  • 4,180 luminaires supplied

  • 209 driver assemblies with over 2km of ELV distribution loom

  • 176,000 horticultural LEDs used

  • V2 luminare savings per annum of 101 KwH and 4 year saving of 404kWh

Key results

  • 101 KWh saving on energy in Y1​​

  • 404 KWh saving on energy by Y4​​

  • Minimal issues: Failure rate  - 0.006%​​

  • 26 tonnes ready and installed in 6 weeks

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